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All Mec cosmetics products are certified by Cruelty-Free (Peta, an organization for the rights of animals. People for the ethical treatment of animals or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), are 100% VEGAN AND VEGETARIAN, and Our containers are recycled and recyclable (ECOEMBES).


Our enamels and nail treatments are 7 FREE, are exempt from: toluene, camphor, xylene, parabens, rosin, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutylphthalate (dpb), triphenyl phosphate (tphp). Pick your nails with all tranquility, taking care of your appearance and above all your health. Enjoy our 7 free nail pollings and treatments.

We select for our products only those safe ingredients to take care of your body in the healthiest way and create the best cosmetics without toxic, toxic free.

All our products are free from toxic and polluting substances. If you use the Mèc Cosmetics products, you can be sure to be taking care of your health and the planet, without having the need to check the ingredients.


All Mèc Cosmetics products are free of animal abuse and have not been tested on animals and we commit ourselves to never will be. To make our values ​​and our commitment patent, we are approved in Cruelty Free by Peta.


In Mèc Cosmetics, all our cosmetics are 100% vegan, do not contain ingredients of animal origin or derivatives, because we take care of everything that surrounds us: people, animals and nature.

The ingredients we use in Mèc Cosmetics are never from animal origin and our products are and will always be 100% vegan.

Mèc Comsmetics is 100% ethical, since it is both Vegan and Cruelty free.

We develop cosmetic products Cruelty Free, that is, they have not been tested in animals and 100% vegan, since we do not use products of animal origin in their formulations.


The non-profit environmental organization that promotes sustainability and environmental care through recycling.

We take care of nature and the planet. We create social and environmental value in our society, promoting environmental education, innovation, effectiveness, using recycled and recyclable containers.

All these certifications guarantee that our clients have the highest quality guarantees and we bet by eliminating all the ingredients that may be a threat to our health, the animals and the planet. It is very important for us to give all the security, protection and confidence to our customers who use our products in their daily routine.

Our clients have the highest quality guarantees.

Our priority is the quality of our products.

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